European association for the promotion of sustainable and responsible fisheries




Blue Fish is the European Association for the Promotion of Sustainable and Responsible Fisheries. Launched by the two biggest fishing ports in France Lorient and Boulogne sur Mer, we now bring together actors from the fisheries sector across Europe, from fishing professionals to research institutes, from public institutions to port management organisations and NGOs. We want to promote the implementation of a lasting and responsible fisheries policy while respecting the activity and the marine ecosystem, and also to protect and develop the marine jobs. We aim to do this by sharing knowledge and good practices, participating in the development and formulation of public policies related to the Common Fisheries Policy and contributing to the good economic development of companies in the fishing and fish products industries.

We are headquartered in Lorient and our European association is governed by the 1901 law.

  • Countries Represented
    • France
    • Spain
    • UK (Scotland)
    • Portugal
    • Ireland
    • Germany