European association for the promotion of sustainable and responsible fisheries



Member Information

Our members, from Spain, France, Portugal, Ireland, Scotland, England and Germany all share the same belief: that the fisheries industry should have a say in the decisions taken by European institutions on issues which impact us. Thus, we bring together all stakeholders in Europe: business and industry, educational institutions and research bodies, NGOs, port management structures, public institutions and local authorities.

Our association is composed of five colleges and is governed by a Board of Directors currently consisting of 12 members:

  • College 1: Professionals, businesses, organizations and representative structures
  • College 2: Educational and research institutions, NGOs, associations and port management structures
  • College 3: Public institutions and associations of elected representatives
  • College 4: Individuals concerned by sustainable and responsible fisheries and aquaculture
  • College 5: Associations and NGOs whose main statutory objective is the protectin the environment and ecosystems

You can find the full statutes of Blue Fish here