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Scientific collaboration with IFREMER
Photo credit: Comité Départemental des Pêches Maritimes et
des Elevages Marins du Morbihan

The fisheries sector works closely with scientists to ensure their catches respect the availability of resources. Fishermen are the first responsible for resources management and will continue to cooperate extensively with the FAO, ICES, IFREMER, taking their experts on board and sending them catches data to analyze. This way, the industry and its stakeholders will gather more and more reliable data on stocks.

The fisheries industry is pushing for comprehensive impact assessments being performed on fisheries areas. The goal is to determine which part of the entire sea ground is made up of coral riffs and sponge garden, and which parts are made up of sand, mud or gravel. These joint efforts will result in aggregating reliable data on deep-sea species and others.

According to scientists, more and more areas are protected and fish stocks are growing, thanks to the very active role played by fishermen in the discussions on quota and preservation of vulnerable marine ecosystems, 12.037 km2 of vulnerable marine eco-systems are now protected in EU waters. In fact, the total surface of protected areas in Europe is equivalent to Belgium, and more than 90% of the surface between 100 and 1500 meters is protected. The actual trend shows that fishermen go fishing less and less deep and far. Their efforts will reflect in the MSY of the species they will catch in the coming years.