European association for the promotion of sustainable and responsible fisheries



Facts & Figures

  • As of September 2011, there were 83 014 vessels in the European Union. the EU fishing fleet capacity has been declining steadily for the past 19 years, in spite of the successive enlargements of the Union
  • There are about 140 000 people working on board of European fishing vessels, and about 32 000 people working in aquaculture. The processing sector employs around 120 000 people in conserves and preparation of fish, crustanceans and molluscs.
  • The European Union is the fifth global producer of fisheries and aquaculture products, producing 4.4% of the global production. Within the EU, the three largest producers in terms of volume are Spain, Denmark and the United Kingdom.
  • The European Union accounts for just under 6% of the world's catches, with a reduction in volume in the past few years. Denmark, Spain, the United Kingdom and France together account for around half the catches.
  • Along with the United States and Japan, the European Union is one of the world's top three importers of fishery and aquaculture products.