European association for the promotion of sustainable and responsible fisheries



Meet Blue Fish

Blue Fish is the European Association for the Promotion of Sustainable and Responsible Fisheries. Launched by the biggest fishing ports and maritime regions in Europe, Blue Fish is an NGO bringing together the entire fishing sector and citizens who depend upon it, from fishing professionals and ports to marine scientists and coastal communities. 
  • More than 140 000 people in the EU are directly dependent on the fisheries sector
  • The fisheries sector as a whole contributes to 3-5% of the European Union's GDP and employs 5.6 million people across Europe
  • In some European coastal communities, more than half of the local jobs are in the fishing sector
  • Scientists agree that over 60% of European fish stocks are now fished sustainably (up from 6% in 2006). While more progress needs to be made, this shows that appropriate control measures, regulations and efforts from fishermen across Europe can have rapid positive impacts on the stocks
  • To get more facts about the sustainable management of deep-sea fisheries, have a look at our infographics here.
  • We want to promote the implementation of a lasting and responsible fisheries policy which respects marine ecosystems, supports the economic and social development of European coastal areas and ensures the livelihoods of thousands of fishermen across Europe.
  • We aim at giving a voice to those that know our Oceans the best – the fishermen. They are the ones that depend on it for a living and that have been protecting the Oceans for generations.
  • Blue Fish wants to be a trusted partner for political decision makers and to participate in the dialogue of the reform of the Common Fisheries Policy, contributing to the good economic development of companies in the fishing and fish products industries.
  • Blue Fish defends a closer and more positive dialogue between policy makers, scientists and professionals to ensure that European policies protect the marine environment and the fishing communities alike.