The role of science in fisheries management


The role of science in fisheries management


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This workshop aims to provide a platform to discuss why and how science and scientists can work hand in hand with fishermen when it comes to fisheries management and achieving sustainable fisheries across Europe.


  • Introductory remarks by Olivier Le Nézet and Nicolas Teisseire (Blue Fish Europe)
  • Hans Polet (ILVO, Belgium) - The Flemish Sustainable Fishing Alliance: an example of collaboration between scientists and fishermen
  • Luis Arregi (AZTI, Spain) - Discard reduction experiments on the Basque trawler fleet
  • Patrick Cousin (Blue Fish France) - Innovative fishing gears and sustainable fishing
  • Bruno Iñarra (AZTI, Spain) - What to do with Unavoidable Unwanted Catches once landed
  • Marianna Giannoulaki (HCMR, Greece) - Can scientists help fishermen to reduce discards? The spatial dimension of discards reduction
  • Emilio Notti (ISMAR, Italy) - Fishing technology research in the Mediterranean: some experiences and lessons learned
  • Karin van der Reijden (IMARES, Netherlands) – Collaboration between scientists and fishermen